Children’s Corner and so much more…

We’ve done a little rearranging in the Children’s area. Board games are now out for family fun, along with some floor puzzles and other new toys.

Another Storywagon season end-

June 18–Snake Discovery: Join Emily Roberts as she slithers into the world of reptiles and discover how unique they are! We’ll be ‘traveling’ around the world to meet reptiles from every continent they’re found on. Learn what a legless lizard is, watch a snake eat, hold a large boa constrictor, and more! There will be a large variety of scaly critters to meet and learn about at this event. This hands-on program is fun for all ages.

June 25–Great Scott-Magician: Magician Scott Obermann gets ready to blast off with his “Make Space for Reading” show. Aliens, space ships and a ton of exciting magical fun await.

July 9–Colossal Fossils: Wooly mammoths. Saber-tooth cats. Giant bears. These are just a few of the dangers that humans may have encountered when they first set foot on Wisconsin soil over 15,000 years ago. Join Sean Sullivan, “The Mammoth Hunter”, as he tells the stories of these people and shows how they survived this harsh environment. See real working tools and musical instruments that are based off of historical artifacts, and touch the bones from some of the most iconic Ice Age animals that ever lived. This incredible program will captivate the minds of every age.

Mammoth Hunter, Sean Sullivan, explained life in the Ice Age.

July 16–Fox and Branch-Music duo

July 16-Fox and Branch entertained the audience with sing

July 23–Racine Zoo: Meet wild animals that live in our own backyards. Learn how these animals survive and how we can act to help conserve their homes.


Imagine it!  Create it!  Take it!  

We now have a “MakerZone” set up for the children ages 3 and older.   It will feature STEAM/STEM projects, Zentangle, paper crafts, weaving, clay art and options to create their own pieces of art.  Unfortunately, there will be limited availability with some of the projects, but we will still many to choose from.

MakerZone is open Monday-Friday 10-2.  This area is a shared space and days/hours are subject to change.  Please call the library at 275-5107 with any questions.

SAMPLES in the MakerZone

STEM airplane & boat, STEM catapult, create your own journal, decorate a flowerpot, beaded fabric bracelet or bookmark

STEM weathervane

STEM race car and beaded fabric bracelets or bookmarks

The 4K class were thrilled with their reading buddy prize for their class entry of FROGNANDO.  Well done!
3K-4K Library Visit 2018-2019

Once again, Fontana Elementary 4K class and 3K Preschool enjoyed at lovely walk to the library.  Every new school year, we extend an invitation to these teacher’s to visit our library.  We love being able to introduce a new generation of children to the library, and give the parents/guardians an opportunity to see what the library has to offer.  They were treated to a snack and stories by Miss Jodie.  Afterwards, the children enjoyed playtime at our Imagination Station and, of course, we had blocks, blocks and more blocks.  Thank you to Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Sullivan and all the parent chaperones.

Spring 2019–

Fall 2018–

3 yr & 4K students from Fontana Elementary School 2017-2018

2018 “Libraries Rock” Summer Storywagon

Another summer storywagon has come to an end.  Thank you to Lakeshores Library System for providing our entertainment.  Also, thank you to Ms. Murtell, Ms. Selvey and Ms.Gaulke and the summer school students, and Sherry Oja, Inspiration Ministries, and  the residents for their support and attendance. 

June 19-Leonardo Music – Leonardo is a Parents’ Choice Award winning family musician writing songs that entertain, educate and empower audiences of all ages and abilities.   He performs nationally at schools, libraries and special events bringing a high energy, interactive concert that is a celebration of possibilities through music and movement.

Leonardo’s Music
Leonardo and his air guitar band
Leonardo introduces the ukulele to the kids
Big finish had all the kids up and dancing

June 26-Libraries Rock Dance Party-Ms Amy brought music and dancing today for the children.

July 10-Kidsplay – Hilarious and highly interactive “Roll & Rock” concert.

July 17-Moogician –  Todd Charles(aka “The Moogician”) has been a comedy-variety entertainer all of his life.  His original and refreshing material that combines magic, juggling, music, and comedy, has taken him all over the world, performing in theaters, fairs, festivals, comedy clubs, and on cruise ships.

Todd, the Moogician
Balancing act
Balancing acts big finish
Todd, the Moogician,
Trying to get the kids to believe he could read their minds
Homemade “mind reader”

July 24-Snake Discovery – A reptile program that includes “Totally Turtles” & “Snake, Rattle & Roll”



Thank you to LAKESHORES LIBRARY SYSTEM, performers, Fontana Elementary summer school, and all the families who supported our 2017 Summer Storywagon.

Circus Boy – Bobby Hunt will entertain the audience with balloon creations and juggling                                                                         June 20, 2017

Gavin shows off his strength to Circus Boy
Matthew is an excellent student at ball spinning
The World’s Smallest Bicycle

Michelle’s Magical Poodles – Enjoy fun and quirky dog tricks with an educational twist                                                                           June 27, 2017

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice car ride (or push)?

Snake Discovery – A reptile program that includes “Totally Turtles” & “Snake, Rattle & Roll”                                                                   July 11, 2017

Emily, from Snake Discovery, introduces a Boa Constrictor to the group
The children experience the weight and strength of the boa constrictor

Emily introduces a variety of snakes to the children

Ben’s Bubble Show – Ben Jimenez creates beautiful and mind boggling soap bubble sculptures                                                    July 18, 2017

Ben Jimenez at Ben’s Bubble Show
Turns members of the audience into “Bubbleheads”
Giant bubble

Kidsplay-Interactive theater  – Whether they’re bold superheroes without powers or master chefs trying to teach the 3 C’s of cooking, this hysterical duo is entertainment for all ages                                                                 

July 25, 2017


 2016 SRP presents ON YOUR MARK, GET SET…READ!

Thank you to LAKESHORES LIBRARY SYSTEM, performers, Fontana Elementary summer school, and all the families who supported our 2016 Summer Storywagon.

June 21-Chris Fascionecombines humor and imagination in his storytelling and juggling


June 28-Scott Obermann-“Great Scott, the nutrition magician” combines magic, ventriloquism and a message on a healthy lifestyle


July 12-Steve Schindler, from Science Alliance, an expert on all things reptilian


July19-Jack and Kitty, musical duo

Jack and Kitty 2Kitty's jug band

July 26-Kay Weeden, bilingual storyteller