Programs and Events

FREE Program series for 2019



Upcoming FREE adult programs:

Wednesday, February 13th–Thompson’s Fine Art:  A History with Bruce & Joan Thompson, Thompson’s Fine Art Gallery in Walworth, Wisconsin

Tuesday, March 5th–Alternative Facts and American History with Nathan Fuller, Rock County Historical Society

Wednesday, April 3rd–Get Crafty: Adult craft project with Sally Lee, Fontana Public Library

Previous programs:

November 2018-Denise and Terry Woods are the owners of the Highfield Farm Creamery, which is located outside of Walworth, Wisconsin and operates year round.  For more information on their farmstead and products, please visit the website at

Denise & Terry Woods of Highfield Farm Creamery
Denise Woods shared samples after their presentation.
Audience members had the opportunity to chat with Denise & Terry Woods after their presentation and enjoy samples.









October 2018-Bhante Bhaddiya of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple in Woodstock, Illinois will welcome people of all faiths to hear about the practice of meditation, Buddhism, and sharing in a community together.  Mission statement: To promote individual peace of mind, compassion for all beings, spiritual growth, and an ethical way of life based on Buddhist principles.  Through loving kindness meditation and the development of mindfulness, we strive to enlighten individuals as to the cause of suffering, the path leading to the cessation of suffering, and an understanding of the true nature of our existence.





September 2018- Merry Burkhalter of Destiny DreamZ.  Merry Burkhalter is a prolific dreamer, has interpreted many thousands of dreams, and inspires others to unlock their night-time dream messages through mentoring, coaching, and classes.  She was released as a Master Certified Dream Interpreter in 2005 from the Institute of Spiritual Development.  She founded Destiny Dreamz LLC in 2008 and leads teams of dream interpreters and encouragers all over the world that equip folks to identify their life’s calling and to step into their destiny.  She and her husband Walter live in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, and have 8 children and 2 grandchildren.  See for more information.


GLAF Art Displays





Members of the GENEVA LAKE ART FOUNDATION will have their artwork on display for  a monthly exhibit.

JANUARY 2018-Nicholette “Nikki” Marsicano, multi-media artist

FEBRUARY 2018-James Gross, watercolorist

MARCH 2018-Sharon Larson

APRIL 2018-Alice Winn, Ceramic Artist

MAY 2018-Kim Alba, painter/photographer

JUNE 2018-Tom Stocki, painter

JULY 2018-Suzanne Tsamardinos, painter 

AUGUST 2018-Suzanne Manthe,  impressionistic pastel painter.

SEPTEMBER 2018-Sandra May Fink

OCTOBER 2018-Sharon L. Larson, painter

NOVEMBER 2018-Gary R. Wigman, watercolorist & photographer

DECEMBER 2018-Jeanne E. Dyer, painter & photographer

Jeanne will be hosting a reception Friday, December 7th from 2-4pm.  Please come in to meet the artist and view her work.

Jeanne is a graduate of Bradley University with a BA in Fine Arts.  She worked for Caterpillar, Inc for almost 20 yrs.  She retired to Lake Geneva in 2006 and has served on many boards of the art fields.  Currently she serves as Social Media Chairperson and Website coordinator for the GLAF.

During her life, she has been fortunate to live on four continents in five different countries, each with its own particular character.  She has taken that opportunity to study inhabitants, humans and animals, in their unique dwellings and landscapes.  Her artwork is a reflection of what she has learned.

For more information, please visit her website at

Photography by Jeanne E. Dyer
Photo by Jeanne E. Dyer
Landscape oil by Sharon L. Larson
Suzanne Tasmardinos-GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA











Kim Alba-painter/photographer






Mer-animals by Alice Winn

Boatyard by Jim Gross
Erie Train by Jim Gross









FEBRUARY 2017–Cathy L. Rocca, Fontana  WI, multi-media artist

MARCH 2017-Rich Mengel, photographer

APRIL 2017-Ken Cottingham,  painter & sculptor

MAY 2017-Tom Stocki, Fontana WI, painter

JUNE 2017-Kathy Walsh, Fontana WI, and Sandy Kessel, watercolorists

JULY 2017-Nicholette “Nikki” Marsicano, multi-media artist

SEPTEMBER 2017-Dawn Kist, multi-media artist

OCTOBER 2017-Roberta Gifford Karsetetter, assemblage art

NOVEMBER 2017-Sybil Brauneis Klug, painter

DECEMBER 2017-Duane Holz, painter

Abstract by Duane Holz

Wisconsin State Fair by Sybil Klug
by Roberta Gifford Karstetter








Joy – Ink on tile by Dawn Kist
Owl-acrylic & ink on wood by Nikki Marsicano
Ripe Papaya by Sandy Kessel
Tulips by Kathy Walsh
Woods, acrylics, by Tom Stocki
Multi-media art by Cathy Rocca